Competition Draw

Game One 8th February

Take 2 v Parktone Pups

T Birds v Mary's Mates

Cheeky Monkeys v Dingley Demons

Dingy Sailors v The Unbelievabowls

Java v Parkdale Princesses

Happy Hour v Goan Goers

Coco Chanel v The Dags

Lucy's Lot v Mean Machine

Sheep Stations v Vickery

Plus One v Parkdale Sharks

Game Two 8th February

Take 2 v Mary's Mates

Parktone Pups v Dingley Demons

T Birds v The Unbelievabowls

Cheeky Monkeys v Parkdale Princesses

Dingy Sailors v Goan Goers

Java v The Dags

Happy Hour v Mean Machine

Coco Chanel v Vickery

Lucy's Lot v Parkdale Sharks

Sheep Stations v Plus One

Game One 15th February

Take 2 v Dingley Demons

Mary's Mates v The Unbelievabowls

Parktone Pups v Parkdale Princesses

T Birds v Goan Goers

Cheeky Monkeys v The Dags

Dingy Sailors v Mean Machine

Java v Vickery

Happy Hour v Parkdale Sharks

Coco Chanel v Plus One

Lucy's Lot v Sheep Stations

Game Two 15th February

Take 2 v The Unbelievabowls

Dingley Demons v Parkdale Princesses

Mary's Mates v Goan Goers

Parktone Pups v The Dags

T Birds v Mean Machine

Cheeky Monkeys v Vickery

Dingy Sailors v Parkdale Sharks

Java v Plus One

Happy Hour v Sheep Stations

Coco Chanel v Lucy's Lot

Game One 22nd February

Take 2 v Parkdale Princesses

The Unbelievabowls v Goan Goers

Dingley Demons v The Dags

Mary's Mates v Mean Machine

Parktone Pups v Vickery

T Birds v Parkdale Sharks

Cheeky Monkeys v Plus One

Dingy Sailors v Sheep Stations

Java v Lucy's Lot

Happy Hour v Coco Chanel

Game Two 22nd February

Take 2 v Goan Goers

Parkdale Princesses v The Dags

The Unbelievabowls v Mean Machine

Dingley Demons v Vickery

Mary's Mates v Parkdale Sharks

Parktone Pups v Plus One

T Birds v Sheep Stations

Cheeky Monkeys v Lucy's Lot

Dingy Sailors v Coco Chanel

Java v Happy Hour

Game One 1st March

Take 2 v The Dags

Goan Goers v Mean Machine

Parkdale Princesses v Vickery

The Unbelievabowls v Parkdale Sharks

Dingley Demons v Plus One

Mary's Mates v Sheep Stations

Parktone Pups v Lucy's Lot

T Birds v Coco Chanel

Cheeky Monkeys v Happy Hour

Dingy Sailors v Java

Game Two 1st March

Take 2 v Mean Machine

The Dags v Vickery

Goan Goers v Parkdale Sharks

Parkdale Princesses v Plus One

The Unbelievabowls v Sheep Stations

Dingley Demons v Lucy's Lot

Mary's Mates v Coco Chanel

Parktone Pups v Happy Hour

T Birds v Java

Cheeky Monkeys v Dingy Sailors

Game One 8th March

Take 2 v Vickery

Mean Machine v Parkdale Sharks

The Dags v Plus One

Goan Goers v Sheep Stations

Parkdale Princesses v Lucy's Lot

The Unbelievabowls v Coco Chanel

Dingley Demons v Happy Hour

Mary's Mates v Java

Parktone Pups v Dingy Sailors

T Birds v Cheeky Monkeys

Game Two 8th March

Take 2 v Parkdale Sharks

Vickery v Plus One

Mean Machine v Sheep Stations

The Dags v Lucy's Lot

Goan Goers v Coco Chanel

Parkdale Princesses v Happy Hour

The Unbelievabowls v Java

Dingley Demons v Dingy Sailors

Mary's Mates v Cheeky Monkeys

Parktone Pups v T Birds

Game One 15th March

Take 2 v Plus One

Parkdale Sharks v Sheep Stations

Vickery v Lucy's Lot

Mean Machine v Coco Chanel

The Dags v Happy Hour

Goan Goers v Java

Parkdale Princesses v Dingy Sailors

The Unbelievabowls v Cheeky Monkeys

Dingley Demons v T Birds

Mary's Mates v Parktone Pups

Game Two 15th March

Take 2 v Sheep Stations

Plus One v Lucy's Lot

Parkdale Sharks v Coco Chanel

Vickery v Happy Hour

Mean Machine v Java

The Dags v Dingy Sailors

Goan Goers v Cheeky Monkeys

Parkdale Princesses v T Birds

The Unbelievabowls v Parktone Pups

Dingley Demons v Mary's Mates

Finals 22nd March

1st v 2nd ……………………..Game 1

3rd v 4th………………………Game 2

5th v 6th

7th v 8th

9th v 10th

11th v 12th

13th v 14th

15th v 16th

17th v 18th

19th v 20th

Grand Final 22nd March

Winner Game 1 v Winner Game 2